NFV EXCO-Nuts and Dried Fruit is the first and only event of the world specialized in this field. NFV EXCO is organized in Turkey’s commercial center; Istanbul. Turkey is located in a very strategic region for the global trade due to its geographical position and ranks high in the production and exports of dried and fresh fruits and vegetables.


Exhibiting Nuts, Dried Fruit, Fresh Fruit and Vegetables in stands “Exhibitor”

NFV Data Market

B2B meetings during the organization via commercial market portal with the subscription system and personalized profiles


An extensive event schedule between the exhibiting and conference program


“Sponsorship” participation with options ranging between 5.000€ and 50.000€


Actual interaction of all industry members

Pre Tours

Fascinating tours of İstanbul and the market prior to NFV EXCO


Sustainable relations with existing clients and meeting new potential ones with networking events

Conference Programme

Must-see sessions organized with the latest technical infrastructure, presenting subjects and speakers reaching out from past to the future

Post Tours

Touristic trips and production area tours to various regions in Turkey after NFV EXCO